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Inspire us with your stories, we will weave them into your space.

Persimmon Design is a Seattle-based Interior Design firm that specializes in crafting spaces inspired by the unique stories of our clients. We take a collaborative and versatile approach to promote sustainable design practices.


Warm lighting invites you into a loving home filled with memories. Elegant mirrors reflect the lives of the amazing couple who live here and their loved ones.

Seattle-based Interior Design firm
Persimmon Design

The client wanted a strikingly gorgeous space that can morph from a family hangout to a party room in the blink of an eye! This media room with its dramatic contrasts, glittering lights and sumptuous fabrics ticks all their boxes.

Step into a world where design and sustainability are not exclusive.

sustainable interior design



Founder of Persimmon Design, Anu is an experienced and thoughtful designer with a keen eye for detail. Her work morphs with the unique design sensibilities of each client.

About Anu Kurup

The powerful combination of an Architecture degree from India and an Interior Design degree from Seattle gives Anu the ability to perceive the intricate relations between spaces, volumes, colors, forms and textures in a holistic way.

Years of experience working in renowned architecture firms like Callison and Graphite Design Group on Corporate and Residential projects all around the world have helped her achieve a world view of architecture and design.

"She has impeccable taste, was patient with my constant iterative visions and delivered multiple renditions to help transform my space."

- Zameer Mithian