1-hour consultation where the client will meet with Anu at their home and walk through the space together to discuss design goals and finalize the scope of the project.

The client will receive a proposal for the project that details each the phase of the project.




Project Start

The project begins with finding out what inspires the client and what they hope to achieve through the project. The space is measured and documented. Local conditions are assessed.

This is the exciting part where central ideas that will influence the whole project begin to take shape. These ideas will inform the design as it evolves.

Concept Design and Evolution



Design Presentation and Finalization

The completed design is presented to the client with 3d modeled views that help to visualize how the finished space will look. The client and designer will collaborate to finalize the design.

Selection of contractor, ordering products, construction drawings, permit drawings if needed, and site supervision to ensure that the design is being implemented impeccably. This phase will be different based on the scope of the project.

Project Management




Client and designer will have some fun together hanging art, fluffing pillows and arranging flowers, putting the finishing touches on their dream space!

"Anu came up with a lovely design that increased the useable space of our backyard and reduced the water logging issue as well."

- Jisha Govin