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You inspire the space we design...

Your home is a reflection of who you are. Be it a favorite cozy nook, a treasured memory, or the familiar way the sunbeams play on the walls as the sun rises each day -your home is perfect even in its imperfections.

Inspired by your stories- we craft personalized spaces that preserve the individuality of your home.


shanthis home

Persimmon Design’s origin was very organic. Anu started working on small Residential projects on her own while working full-time at an architecture firm in Seattle. Persimmon Design started way before it even got a name!

shanthis home

The driving inspiration behind Persimmon Design is not only creative freedom but also the awareness that you can always make sustainable choices. From floorboards to lighting, the choices you make can provide value without adding to the burden on mother nature.

shanthis home


Founder of Persimmon Design, Anu is an experienced and thoughtful designer with a keen eye for detail. Her work morphs with the unique design sensibilities of each client.

The powerful combination of an Architecture degree from India and an Interior Design degree from Seattle gives Anu the ability to perceive the intricate relations between spaces, volumes, colors, forms and textures in a holistic way.

shanthis home

Years of experience working in renowned architecture firms like Callison and Graphite Design Group on Corporate and Residential projects all around the world have helped her achieve a world view of architecture and design.

Glance at the sun.

See the moon and the stars.

Gaze at the beauty of earth’s greenings.

Now, think.

- Hildegard von Bingen

from the book Cradle to Cradle


shanthis home

Two of the brightest and most efficient team members one could ask for - meet Emma and Hugo.

shanthis home

With their golden streak and nose for trouble, they can help design your best fur-ever home!

"She has impeccable taste, was patient with my constant iterative visions and delivered multiple renditions to help transform my space."

- Zameer Mithian