­­Fresh Start, New Decor: 5 Easy Updates for Your Home in 2024

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2024 is nearly here and we are on the brink of a fresh start. The palpable spirit of possibilities hangs in the air, inspiring us to start fresh with new resolutions and clean slates.

A yearning for renewal of lifestyle, goals, and habits always marks the beginning of a fresh year. Let’s transform your home into a personal sanctuary that nurtures your goals, aspirations, and mood in the upcoming year. To infuse your life with transformation and magic, let’s get inspired by the best interior design trends of 2024. Is your style bold and vibrant or calming and serene? It’s time to put on your creative hat and find out!

We will explore the brilliance of color, the harmony of textures, and the art of choosing distinctive pieces of furniture, as we go through the most outstanding decor trends of 2024. A complete overhaul might be daunting and too expensive. That is why we are going to focus on small changes that can be instrumental in making a big impact.

Without further ado, let’s dive straight in and make your home shine with fresh beginnings.

1. Major 2024 color trends for your home

Color can have a profound impact on our lives, influencing our mood, productivity, and even creativity. Here are the biggest color trends that will rule homes in 2024:

Tone-on-tone Elegance

Embrace the elegance of subtlety with the ever-classic trend of tone-on-tone color palettes. Creating a compelling tone-on-tone paint scheme in interior design involves selecting colors within the same color family or with similar undertones to create a harmonious and sophisticated look.

Imagine your living room bathed in the warm embrace of your favorite color. Go all in and immerse the whole room in that shade, including windows, door trims, baseboards, and ceiling. Different finishes of paint can enhance the depth of the color scheme and prevent it from feeling flat. Consider using matte, satin, gloss, or lacquered finishes to create subtle variations in the way light interacts with the surfaces.

AI Visualization by Persimmon Design

AI Visualization by Persimmon Design

Add depth and tactile interest to the scheme with sumptuous fabrics for your sofa, pillows, and rug, in varying shades and tones of the dominant hue.

A few accent colors that complement the dominant color and add pops of interest can be added sparingly through accessories, artwork, or small pieces of furniture.

The final wow factor is the additional layer of warmth brought into the space with carefully placed light sources that introduce a drama of highs and lows on various surfaces.

Bold Hues

Who says walls must be neutral in color? 2024 color trends throw convention out the window and welcome bold hues as the new foundation for your home.

This year, jewel tones of green, eggplant & plum, burgundy, brown, and terracotta colors will be making a grand comeback! Or how about making a splash with the Pantone Color of 2024 – Peach Fuzz?

AI Visualization by Persimmon Design

AI Visualization by Persimmon Design

Embrace Green Harmony

Are you ready to be enchanted by nature with the enduring allure of green? Shades of green will be a popular interior decor trend in Seattle in 2024!

Light mint or watery greens can be your go-to shades for a refreshing and airy feel. Deep emerald or forest green tones will help you achieve a moody sophisticated look.

AI Visualization by Persimmon Design

AI Visualization by Persimmon Design

The least expensive way to freshen up your kitchen is to paint your kitchen cabinets. Muted green colors will be a popular color for kitchen cabinets in 2024. Pair with walnut-colored wood tones for a warm and classic look.

2. Texture updates for your home in 2024

It’s time to go beyond flat, smooth, and predictable in 2024 interior decor updates and embrace layers of textures to turn your home into a sensory haven.

Use plush throws, woven blankets, and textured pillows & cushions to layer your home in coziness and warmth. Mix and drape textures like faux fur, smooth cotton, or chunky knit over chairs, sofas, and at the foot of your bed.

The rustic beauty of wood through furniture, wall cladding, or fluted wall panels is going to be a major interior decor highlight in 2024.

Add another layer of texture by introducing natural woven baskets to store magazines, blankets, or even plants. They will add an instant hint of Zen to your space.

You can also create an accent wall with textured wallpaper to heighten the drama of a space.

AI Visualization by Persimmon Design

AI Visualization by Persimmon Design

3. Furniture Finds

How do you up your furniture game in the new year? The secret is to anchor your living spaces with furniture pieces that have timeless design independent of design trends that come and go.

 Weave a tapestry of rich brown tones of wood like walnut or black oak. The luscious graining of dark wood helps to create a moody sophistication and drama. Or create a resplendent Scandinavian haven with white oak.

 Go for sustainable interior decor in 2024 by sourcing eco-friendly pieces made with FSC-certified wood and finished with natural varnishes.

 A luscious new velvet accent chair can add a punch to your living room, or an earthy linen sectional can add comfort and practicality to your family room. Choose performance fabrics for high-traffic areas.

Living Room Design by Persimmon Design

Living Room Design by Persimmon Design

4. Textile Treasures – Curtains and Rugs

Begin your 2024 interior decor adventures by selecting textile artistry that’s perfect for your

home. Curtains and rugs are important accessories that weave ambiance through your home.

 If you want to make minimal changes to your home and yet yearn for a fresh new look, consider the latest curtain trends in 2024.

Choose natural and organic fabrics like linen, hemp, and bamboo. Sheer drapes can bring more light to your space, whereas velvet or blackout drapes can help to darken a room.

Full-height curtains make rooms look taller, so please make sure to measure properly before ordering curtains. The width of your curtain panels needs to be at least twice the width of your window so that there is sufficient pleating even when the curtains are closed.

In the realm of interior design, a well-chosen rug is the icing on the cake, adding depth, warmth, and character to a room. Beyond the practicality of providing comfort underfoot and protecting your floors, rugs have the transformative power to elevate the aesthetics of a space.

Choosing the perfect rug for your home involves a thoughtful consideration of factors such as purpose, material, size, style, maintenance, and budget.

Sustainable rugs are gaining popularity among design enthusiasts and are turning out to be one of the biggest interior design and decor trends in 2024! To hop on the wagon, you can also go for rugs made of hemp, jute, sisal, or recycled fibers.

Living Room Design by Persimmon Design

Living Room Design by Persimmon Design

5. Room to Room Transformation

In the spirit of making small tweaks with big impacts, here are some updates you can make to your rooms in 2024.

Entry Foyer and Hallways

The entry foyer is visitors' first impression of your home, making it a vital space to consider when sprucing up your interiors for the New Year.

Adding a new statement light fixture to your Entry Foyer can play a pivotal role in creating a welcoming and stylish entryway.

Entryway Design by Persimmon Design

Entryway Design by Persimmon Design

Curate a gallery of artwork and pictures that showcase all your adventures from the past year. Let this be your ‘wall of stories’, to spark conversation and inspire more adventures in the coming year.

Entryway and Gallery Wall Design by Persimmon Design

Entryway and Gallery Wall Design by Persimmon Design

Living Room Revamp

Refreshing the look of your living room doesn't always require a major overhaul. There are several quick and relatively easy updates you can make to enhance the aesthetics of the space.

Experiment with the arrangement of your furniture. Sometimes, a simple rearrangement can give the room a new flow and make it feel more inviting. Make your living room flexible and adaptable by adding easily movable furniture pieces like ottomans or nesting tables.

Living Room Design by Persimmon Design

Living Room Design by Persimmon Design

Bedroom Bliss

Add new bedside lamps, plush pillows, or blankets to add warmth and luminescence to your bedroom. Your bedroom should whisper your story and reflect your taste - don’t forget to display souvenirs, artwork, and photos in your bedroom.

Dedicate a self-care corner to yourself – a cozy reading nook with a plush armchair or a vanity for your skincare rituals. Let your space reflect the things that bring you joy.

Bedroom Design by Persimmon Design

Bedroom Design by Persimmon Design

Guest Room Glow-up

A well-designed guest bedroom should offer a home away from home experience. Sprinkle your guest room with thoughtful and personal touches, such as fresh flowers, a few books, or artwork to make the space feel more inviting and familiar, providing a sense of comfort to your guests.

AI Visualization by Persimmon Design

AI Visualization by Persimmon Design

Ready to paint the fresh canvas of 2024?

The new year is calling, and we are all trying our best to reinvent ourselves in small and big ways. While trends may come and go, you will be a classic constant in your home.

No matter which of these design inspirations you choose, every new change ­­will speak volumes about your individual style and personality. Don’t be afraid to let your space sing a unique melody that celebrates you.

Happy New Year, and Happy Decorating!

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